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Best FF That Clearly Demonstrates the Undisputable Connection Between Cookies and True Love. Switch: A Comedy of Terrors, past rivkat. Smallville, Lex Luthor/Clark Kent. I adore this story because it makes me roll my eyes and suppose, "Oh, Clark," In the tone of voice I normally use only on people I really know when they're organism real pudden-head, albeit maybe In a form of adorable way. Because only when Clark Kent (Smallville truth or dare sex games edition) could possibly hope to keep secrets about his body from somebody who is currently occupying it. And that goes double - no, to the major power of ten - if the person in information technology is Lex. Anyone else would thrust in the towel. Clark simply stutters his way through and through the lamest excuses ever spoken on the satellite earth. It is simply - so very like him, and so very adorable, and it leaves Pine Tree State loving him flush though I need to thwack some feel into his great big dolt head. But I have to be thankful for his debone -headedness; without information technology, we could never take stories like this one, in which Lex screen -drives Clark Kent and Clark gets Sir Thomas More than a smack of Lex. (And, no, really. It's non potential to blab nearly those two without victimization trashy double entendres; I have tested. Some things ar just beyond the scope of human strive.) The best disunite of this story, though, is the elbow room IT makes information technology soh very obvious that Clark and Lex belong together. And, yes, okay, care 80% of SV FF does that, but this is specialized ; how often do people make so much a great team up that they really do better atomic number 49 apiece other's bodies than atomic number 49 their possess?

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